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    Please note that our press office is only available for media enquiries. For general contact details, please see our contact page.

BNP Paribas has a presence on different social networks. Join our communities on the Group’s various accounts.


BNP Paribas Group: @BNPParibas_com

Up-to-date information about the BNP Paribas Group (in English and French)

Ace Manager: @AceManager

Ace Manager is the online banking game designed by BNP Paribas experts. The players, divided into teams, have to complete challenges based on actual cases.

Cortal Consors: @cortalconsores

Information in real time on markets and the products and services offered by Cortal Consors, BNP Paribas’ online broker.

Cetelem: @cetelemspain

Up-to-date information about Cetelem in Spain, the expert company in consumer credit, personal loans and credit card management.

Crédito Responsable Cetelem: @creditoresp

Up-to-date information about Cetelem in Spain’s ‘Crédito Responsable’ initiative.

Observador Cetelem:

Every year since 1997, Cetelem has carried out a study called ‘El Observador Cetelem’, which seeks to analyse the buying behaviour and habits of the Spanish and Europeans.

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We are Tennis

Ace Manager

Cortal Consors


The official page of the BNP Paribas Group


BNP Paribas – Official Channel

Access the latest news about the Group on video: advertising campaigns, sponsorship, interviews on blogs (, etc.

Official Channel – We are Tennis

Are you a tennis fan? Access interviews and photos of the best players and of the big tournaments on our Youtube channel.

Cetelem España – Official Channel

News, interviews, etc.


BNP Paribas on Flickr

The history of the Group in photos, advertising campaigns, films and other images of sponsorships and associations the group supports, from the blog

Cetelem Spain on Flickr

Photos and images of Cetelem Spain.


For a changing world

Since 2008, the blog forachangingworld has been recording the socially responsible initiatives driven by the Group’s partners and the associations supported by BNP Paribas.

Social Media

Hopee, stock market social network by Cortal Consors.