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Dream Up: “Los Valores: una experiencia de cine”

DreamUp_log_C_PTo promote the integration of socially disadvantaged young people through art is the principal aim of Dream Up, a program launched in Europe by the BNP Paribas Foundation at the beginning of 2012.

Thanks to this initiative, Spain will collaborate with Balia Foundation for a period of three years. Dance is the chosen activity. This Project enables children and young people in difficult social circumstances to get involved in the art of dancing.

Apoyamos tus ideas

“Apoyamos tus ideas” (Helping Hand project) is one of BNP Paribas’ most notable social programs in Spain. This initiative, which has been underway since 2003, enjoys great popularity among the bank’s employees, as it is they themselves who propose the social actions, to which the bank contributes a donation.

Thus, every year, three foundations and organisations with the most diverse objectives benefit from this help.

Here are some examples of the organisations BNP Paribas has worked with:

Una sonrisa por Navidad

Since 2004, BNP Paribas in Spain has tried to make its own small contribution so that no child goes without a Christmas present. In co-ordination with the NGO Cooperación Internacional and Cáritas, the participants buy Christmas presents or make financial contributions destined for children from some of the most disadvantaged areas of Madrid.

Donation of surplus equipment

BNP Paribas in Spain tries to re-cycle IT equipment and materials that it no longer uses, so that those most in need can benefit from them. The bank therefore regularly works with organisations and foundations that manage and channel this surplus stock into social initiatives.