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BNP Paribas Personal Finance (Banco Cetelem S.A.U) is a global provider of financial services to individuals, specialist in consumer credit, personal loans and credit cards.

Cetelem operates in Spain since 1988, where it has 1,500 employees who provide services to more than 2,5 million clients. through 7,000 points of sale and a network of 3,000 vehicle dealerships. It has 1.4 million credit cards and a risk exposure of 5,300 million euros.  Financial partner of the leading distribution, e-commerce companies and important car dealers, Cetelem is a reference for information and analysis of consumption in Spain thanks to its studies of El Observatorio Cetelem ( that in 2017 celebrates its 20th anniversary .

The entity is committed to innovation, providing multichannel and digital access credit, as well as to responsible lending ( and promotes financial education and domestic economy management (

  • “Top Employers Spain” in 2019. Among Top 10 of best Spanish companies to work for.

* Updated on 31/12/2018

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