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BNP Paribas España

BNP Paribas is a major player at a global level in the market for Exchange-Traded Products. In Spain, BNP Paribas is a highly innovative issuer, who was the first to issue Warrants for companies of small and medium capitalisation. It was also a pioneer in launching Turbos, Bonus and Discounts on the market, for which it is the leading issuer on the Spanish Stock Exchange.

Productos Cotizados

BNP Paribas’ Exchange-Traded Leveraged Products enable it to invest in 50 different assets in both rising and falling markets, paying out less than what it would cost to invest directly in the assets themselves, and therefore yielding the maximum from every euro committed to stock market investment.

In addition to these leveraged products, it offers BNP Paribas Exchange-Traded Investment Products, suitable instruments for a conservative investment on the Stock Exchange over the medium and long term. These are ideal instruments to use instead of investing in shares, as they will provide an exposure equivalent to that of the security while also delivering a profitability bonus or protection against losses. 

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