Positive impact as a company and employer

BNP Paribas in Spain

With 190,000 employees worldwide, our co-workers are the company’s key asset. Their experience and commitment allow us to understand and better fulfil our customers’ expectations.

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Our employees, our greatest asset

As a fundamental part of our own transformation, we have adopted a responsible and attractive human resource policy, which prioritises skills development and the continuous improvement of the employee experience.

The recognition, incentivisation and development of talent; the active promotion of diversity and inclusion in all our activities, and monitoring of the level of employee commitment; these are some of the key elements in an employer value promise recognised in a number of international certification processes as a Top Employer.

Volunteering: a very important part of our social responsibility strategy

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1 Million Hours 2 Help is the BNP Paribas volunteering program set up in 2020 with the aim of creating an international corporate volunteering community.

Thanks to the charitable contribution of our employees to the #1MillionHours2Help program, the aim is every year to clock up 1 million hours of working time as volunteer aid to associations and charities committed to building a more inclusive and environmentally friendly world.

This global and international project, aligned with Group values and the Engagement strategy, aims to support the commitment of the Group’s workers to society, and to promote their involvement in a range of charitable causes, intended to create a fairer and more environmentally responsible world.

Diversity and inclusion at the heart of the BNP Paribas Group’s commitment

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At BNP Paribas we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture, and firmly believe in the wealth offered by the integration of different perspectives in generating creative solutions to complex problems.

Our corporate commitment therefore prompts us to go the extra mile in generating a positive impact within and beyond our activities, while in turn doing our bit to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Employees communities

The success of inclusion likewise lies at the heart of our employees commitments. BNP Paribas in Spain has three professional communities created by our employees, focusing on various initiatives to address diversity, fairness and inclusion.

The goal of MixCity is to offer inspiration and support in the professional development of women, both within and outside the BNP Paribas Group, by promoting initiatives that showcase female talent.

BNP Paribas PRIDE has the aim of fostering an inclusive working environment in which all employees can feel comfortable in freely expressing themselves, and are respected regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. An environment where diversity is an added value and reason for pride.

WeGenerations is a community set up with the aim of making the most of the potential of generational diversity as a source of personal and professional enrichment.

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