Positive impact of our businesses

BNP Paribas in Spain

A committed Group

As leaders in sustainable finance, we are also a significant agent for change, dedicated to refocusing production activities to protect our environment and societies.

We are committed to the development of the real economy, channelling the resources that facilitate change, providing access to financial markets, and through our credit, savings and investment activities.

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We are part of the solution

We respond to change

We create value

We establish strategic partnerships with key stakeholders

We contribute to the leadership and sustainable transformation of our customers, with a constructive focus boosting the amount allocated to firms and areas of activity that are further accelerating the transformation, not only in the energy sector, but also covering production activity as a whole.

Being sustainable means advancing together towards the future

We respond to the growing market demand to provide equity (loans and credits) providing market access through tools such as green bonds (€46 billion globally in 2021) and sustainable bonds (€29.4 billion in EMEA in 2021) and through open dialogue and interaction with the companies we invest in, to transform the fabric of business.

Innovative financial products

We create value with a diversified and integrated business model, based on the diversification of risk and cooperation among the different business lines to create agile and innovative solutions which incorporate the impact dimension from the design stage, to support our customers throughout the course of our collaboration.

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