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01/02/2011 - ,

Innovation Focus- Measuring Innovation in companies

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Today innovation is everywhere. BNP Paribas recognizes and encourages innovation in all its forms and that’s why it organizes every year the Group Innovation Awards.

In 2010, 24 awards were given in 6 countries in the following categories: social commitment, environment, brand, process optimisation, managerial practice encouraging innovation, re-use, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, cross-selling, products and services.

In this focus, BNP Paribas presents its award winners.

This week, discover the corporate innovation award 2010 given to Personal Investors for their project ‘Measuring Innovation’ in the category ‘Managerial practice encouraging innovation’.

Within a company, to measure the contribution of an innovation is the best way to promote innovation. BNP Paribas Personal Investors has created an indicator that helps to follow the percentage of the innovations’ contribution to the company’s overall NBI. “Controlling” identifies all innovations launched during the last two years and calculates their NBI impact. It is the first time in the banking sector that such a kind of measuring has been installed.

Catherine Pochet , Head of Innovation at BNP Paribas Personal Investors, explains to us what the project “Measuring Innovation” is all about.


Read the transcript on the project that meausures and promotes innovation in companies.